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Garden Clearance

If your garden is looking a bit tired, has become a jungle or needs regular maintenance we can help! We offer a high quality, efficient and, affordable maintenance service. We can do regular, seasonal or, one off garden clearances for you depending on your requirements. Our service covers all aspects of garden maintenance from weeding to complete garden overhauls. Our aim is to transform your garden. All green waste is removed and recycled.

Your reason for calling Sussex Garden Services may vary, maybe your hedge has grown too far onto the pavement, or is obscuring your windows and views. Maybe your garden has just become to much for you to cope with or the weeds have taken over. Maybe your lawn may have become patchy where the children have been playing. Whatever the reason we can help. Whether you decide you need a regular service or a one off clearance, Sussex Garden Services can advise on the best course of action for all Garden maintenance projects.

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